20 nov 2021 – “Jesus gave us the right of the resurrection of soul and body .”

My daughter, my son,

How much good did the Resurrection of my Humanity not bring,
– giving to all the right to rise up!
For man, because he had withdrawn from My Will ,
– glory, happiness, and honors, everything had failed for him.

He had broken the binding link
– which joined him with God,
– which gave him all the rights of his Creator.

And My Humanity, by rising up,  brought together these links of union,
restoring to man his lost rights, and giving him the virtue to rise up.

“Jesus gave us the right of the resurrection of soul and body ” – BOH 21

19 nov 2021 – A requital of love is our first duty to our Creator

My son, my daughter,

“In all created things God bound His love toward each creature.
So hers was the duty to requite God with her little love, with her gratitude,
with her ‘thank You’ to the One who had done so much for her.

Not requiting God in love for everything He has done for man in Creation,
–  is the first fraud that the creature makes against God.
It is to usurp His gifts without even recognizing
– where they come from, and the One who has loved her so much.
Therefore, this is the first duty of the creature. (…)

It was precisely my Celestial Mama who filled Heaven and earth
– with the requital for everything that God had done in Creation.

After Her came my Humanity
, which fulfilled this Duty so Sacrosanct,
–  in which the creature had so very much failed,
and rendered my Celestial Father benevolent toward guilty man.”  (…)

” A requital of love is our first duty to our Creator ” – BOH 18

18 nov 2021 – Poor souls without the Divine Will

“My daughter, my son,

the human will wages war on God and war on herself. 
The weapons that she moves against her Creator wounds herself .
And her soul remains as a tattered body before God
Every act of human will divides her from her Creator, from his sanctity,
from his fortitude and power, from his Love and Immutability.

Poor souls without my Divine Will, because He alone holds the unitive Virtue that uniting everything together, the thought, the desire, the affection, the love, the human will, he gives the beautiful form united to the soul of the creature.

Thus my Will, they refused to acknowledged Him,
  while He is in the midst of them and in them.
And they form of their souls little cities thrown into confusion that
constrain Me to make Me repeat the threat
that there won’t remain stone upon stone for them. (…)

“Poor souls without the Divine Will ” – BOH 31

17 nov 2021 – “One who possesses my Divine Will, possesses the Life.”

My son, my daughter,

it is not the work that carries the greater profit, exuberant riches
– but the value of the matter that one possesses.(…)

Thus it happens for one who possesses my Divine Will,
she possesses  the Life, the creative Virtue
And her smallest acts contain a divine and interminable Value
Therefore no one is able to equal her Riches.

Instead who doesn’t possess my Will as his own life
is without life and works with the matter of her own volition.
And therefore she is always the poor ragged one before God. (…)

“One who possesses my Divine Will, possesses the Life ” – BOH 23

17 november 2021- “My child, echo my Reparations”

Luisa writes:

“Jesus is at Pilate’s house. He shows Jesus to the people.
O patient Jesus,
it is with difficulty that you look at me through the thorns.

You say to me:
“My child, come into my arms, lean your head on my Chest.
You will perceive more intense and cruel sufferings.

For what you see outside my Humanity
is only the echo of my inner Sorrows.
Pay attention to the beating of my Heart.
You will understand that I am repairing (…)

By these thorns, I want to break their pride.
By the holes, they make in my Head,
– I want to create a Way into their intelligence,
to reorganize everything according to the Light of Truth.” (…)

“My child, echo my Reparations” – The Passion – Hour 17

16 nov 2021 – Now I come to rescue my Will in the creatures

“My daughter, my son,

if in Redemption I came to save man,
now it is about rescuing my Will in the creatures,
and therefore making known
– the purpose of Creation and of Redemption,
– the goods which my Will wants to give,
– the life It wants to form within each creature,
– and the rights which befit It.

Therefore, placing a Divine Will in safety in the midst
of creatures is the greatest thing.
And my Will, known and reigning,
will surpass the fruits of Creation and of Redemption.

It will be the crowning of my Works
– and the Triumph of Our works. “(…)

Now I come to rescue my Will in the creatures ” – BOH 19

15 nov 2021- “The great Miracle of banishing all evils, miseries and fears”

My son, my daughter,

(…)  Do you think it is a greater miracle
– to give sight of a poor blind one,  to straighten up a cripple,
– to heal one who is sick,
or to have a preserving means, so that
–  the eye may never lose its sight,  one may always walk straight,
–  one may always be healthy?

I believe that the preserving miracle is greater
– than the miracle after a misfortune has occurred
This is the great difference between
the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat:
– In the first, the miracle was for the poor unfortunate (…)
– the second will be a preserving miracle(…-

The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will make the great miracle
of banishing  all evils, all miseries, all fears
. “(…)

“The great Miracle of banishing all evils, miseries and fears ” – BOH 20

14 nov 2021 – “Not even a single Word was to perish”

“My son, my daughter,

As soon as I died, my Death put a seal  upon all my Works,
my Words, my Pains, the Sacraments.

The Fruit of my Death   confirmed everything I did. (…)
My Death put all my Works in motion,
and made Them rise again to perennial Life.

In fact, since my Humanity contained the Eternal Word
and a Will which has no beginning and no end,
and which is not subject to dying,
nothing was to perish of all that It did
– not even a single Word

But everything was to have continuation
– until the end of the centuries,
in order to pass into Heaven to beatify all the Blessed eternally.” (…)

Not even a single Word was to perish ” – BOH 17

13 nov 2021 – Remain in my Heart and love Me

“My child,

I have done nothing wrong, and I have done everything.
Mine is the crime of Love, which contains all sacrifices,
and Love is of immeasurable cost.

We are still at the beginning.
Remain in my Heart, observe everything, love Me, be silent, and learn.

Let your ice cold blood flow in my veins so as to refresh my Blood
which is all in flames.
Let your trembling flow within my limbs, so that, being identified with Me,
–  you may be strengthened and warmed in order to feel part of my pains,
–  and you may also acquire strength in seeing Me suffer so much.

This will be the most beautiful defense that you can give Me.
Be faithful to Me, and be attentive.”

Remain in my Heart and love Me” – The Passion H.11

13 nov 2021 – The human will is a shadow to the Faith

My daughter, my son,

the human will is now a shadow to the Faith.
Passions are clouds that obscure the clear light of It.

And it happens as to the Sun when thick clouds form in the lower air(…)
But if an impetuous wind dispelled the clouds, who would dare to say that the Sun does not exist, as they would touch Its radiant light with their own hands?
Such is the condition in which Faith finds Itself because my Will does not reign.

(…) But when my Divine Fiat reigns, Its light will make them touch the existence of their Creator with their own hands. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary for others to say it. The shadows and the clouds will exist no more.”

When my Divine Fiat reigns, the shadows  will exist no more.” – BOH 24

12 nov 2021 – “Adore My Will and that which I have disposed for you”

“My  daughter, my Son,

how beautiful it is to see the creature grow under the wings of the Light of my Will. Enveloped in this Light she doesn’t see, doesn’t feel, doesn’t touch (anything) but her Mother‘s Light, that holds her enveloped.

And if creatures wound her, beat her, embitter her, she feels herself penetrated and squeezed more by his Arms of Light
And she responds with the smile of Light to whoever wants to embitter and wound and tease her with them, she confounds the human perfidy of them.

Oh! Power of my working Will, He slips away from all, triumphs over all, and with his Light forms his Throne of imperishable Glory in the soul that gives Him the liberty to work.

“Adore My Will ans that which I have disposed for you” – BOH 31

11 nov 2021 – “Souls come and relieve Me!”

Luisa writes:

You repeat for the third time:
Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me.
Holy Father, help Me! I need comfort!
It is true that because of the sins which weigh upon Me, I am nauseating, repugnant, the least among men, before your infinite Majesty.

Your Justice is angry with Me – but look at Me, O Father,
I am always your Son, who forms one single Unity with You.
Oh please, help – pity, O Father! Do not leave Me without comfort!”

Souls, souls, come, relieve Me! Take a place in my Humanity.
I want you, I long for you! O please, do not be deaf to my voices.”(…)

“Souls come and relieve Me!” – The Passion – Hour 7

10 nov 2021 – Father, not my will but Yours be done.

Luisa writes :

I hear your dying Voice saying:
“Father, if it is possible, let this Chalice go away from Me.
However, not my will, but Yours be done.”

This is the first time I have heard these words from Your Mouth.
How the accents of your Voice make my heart suffer!
All the revolts of the creatures present themselves before You

This ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ which should be the Principle of Life
of every creature, You see It , rejected by almost all.
As a result, instead of finding Life, they find death.

And You, You want  to give Life to all and to make
a solemn Reparation to the Father for their rebellion.

And You repeat a second time:
“Father, if it is possible, let this Chalice go awayt from Me.
This Chalice, for Me, is very bitter.
However, not my will, but Yours be done.”

“Father, not my will but Yours be done” – The Passion- Hour 5

9 nov 2021 – Without my Resurrection, my Redemption would have been incomplete

“My daughter, my son,

my Resurrection
– completed, sealed and  returned to Me all honors.

It called to Life all of my Works, which I did in the course of my Life on earth,
and It formed the seed of the resurrection of the souls,
and even of the bodies, on the Universal Judgment.

So, without my Resurrection,
– my Redemption would have been incomplete,
–  and my most beautiful  Works would have been buried.

The same for the soul:
if she does not rise again completely in my Will,
– all of her works remain incomplete.  “( …)

“Without my Resurrection,
my Redemption would have been incomplete” – BOH 19 

8 nov 2021 – “The life of the soul is God “- “Faith is God”

Luisa writes:

“The life of the soul is GodFaith is God.
And the soul, by possessing Faith,
– comes to graft all the other virtues into herself.
Without Faith,
– virtues themselves are virtues that have no life.

 God communicates Faith to man in two ways:
– the first is holy Baptism.
–  the second is when blessed God,
by unleashing a particle of His substance into the soul,
communicates to her  the virtue of making miracles,  like
– raising the dead, healing the sick,
_ stopping the sun, and the like.

Oh, if the world had Faith,
it would change into a terrestrial paradise! ” (…) 

“The life of the soul is God “- “Faith is God”- BOH 2 

7 nov 2021 – One becomes all through suffering

My son, my daughter,

While one is nothing, one can be all. But how?
One becomes all through suffering.
Suffering makes the soul become
–  pontiff, priest, king, prince, minister, judge,
–  advocate, repairer, protector, defender.

And since true suffering
– is the suffering wanted by God in the soul,
if the soul appeases herself completely in His Volition,
–  this appeasement, united to suffering,
allows the soul to rule over Justice,  over the Mercy of God,
over men and  over all things.”(…)

“One becomes all through suffering” – BOH 6 

6 nov 2021 – I wait for your little refrain “I love You, I love You”

My daughter, my son,

Heaven and earth are full and swollen with my Love. (…)

It is in search of hearts in order to tell them his little word:
‘My child I love you, I love you so much,
– and do you tell me that you love Me?’

Do you see therefore what is your long sing-song of your ‘I love You’?
They are so many vents that you give to your Jesus,
– and they call Me to rest in your soul.

Therefore I want that you always tell me your ‘I love You’,
I want to see it in all the things that I have done for you,

Oh! Make Me content, love Me.  When I am not loved,
I feel unfortunate in my Love, and therefore I arrive in deliriums.
And when a compassionate heart is moved to pity Me, and she loves Me,
– I feel the misfortune change into happiness.” (…)

“I wait for your little  refrain “I love You, I love You” – BOH 11 

5 nov 2021 – I feel I am repaid in good for the evil that others do to Me.

“My daughter, my son,

the world is in a continuous act of renewing my Passion

And since my Immensity envelopes everything,
–  inside and outside the creatures,
from their contact, I am forced to receive nails, thorns, scourges,
scorns, spit, and all the rest, which I suffered in the Passion
– and still more.

Now, at the contact with souls who do these Hours of my Passion, I feel
– the nails being removed, – the thorns shattered,
– the wounds soothed, – the spit taken away.

I feel I am repaid in good for the evil that others do to Me
And in feeling that their contact does no harm to Me, but good,
– I lean more and more on them.” (…)

“I feel  I am repaid in good for the evil that others do to Me” – BOH 11 

4 nov 2021 – I give them a handful of Love

“My daughter, my son,

the Hours of my Passion,
– which are my very Prayers, my Reparations, and all Love,
have come out of the very depth of my Heart.

Have you perhaps forgotten
–  how many times I have united Myself with you to do them together,
and I have changed chastisements into Graces over the whole earth?

So, my Satisfaction is such and so great, that instead of the indulgence,
I give the soul a handful of Love,
– which contains incalculable Prices of infinite Value.

And besides, when things are done out of pure Love,
– my Love finds its outpouring
And it is not insignificant
that the creature gives relief and outpouring to the Love of the Creator.”

“I give them a handful of Love” – BOH 11 

3 nov 2021 – Value and effects of the Hours of the Passion

Luisa asked Jesus:
 ‘Tell me, my Good, what will You give as recompense to those who will
do the Hours of the Passion the way You taught them to me?’

 Jesus answered  “My daughter,
I will look at these Hours, not as theirs,  but as done by Me.

I will give them who meditate on these Hours
the same Merits,  as if I were suffering my Passion at that moment, and
the same Effects, according to the dispositions of the souls.

This, while they are on earth – and I could not give them a greater reward.”(…)

“Value and effects of the Hours of the Passion” – BOH 11 

2 nov 2021 – How many moans of sorrow coming from Purgatory.

My son, my daughter,

(…) Yet, my Will is there for all. But because they shun It,  they do not receive the Good which my Will contains – a just pain for one who wants to live of her own will, involving herself in all miseries.

However, this Will of Mine, which they did not want to encounter in life,
when It would give them as many Goods
– for as many times as they would encounter It,
they will encounter at their death,
– giving them as many pains for as many times as they shunned It.
Because in shunning It, they have rendered themselves guilty.
They have stained themselves and covered themselves with mud.

So it is just that they receive pain.  And as many painful encounters form for them,  for as many times as they have not encountered my Will upon earth.(…)

Oh! how many moans of sorrow come from the prisons of Purgatory,
how many shouts of desperation can be heard from hell,
because my Will was not encountered on earth.

“How many moans of sorrow coming from Purgatory.” – BOH 16 

1 nov 2021 – Feast of all Saints – “All Heaven remains inundated with a new Beatitude”

Jesus says to Luisa:

“It is right that the little newborn of my Supreme Volition takes part in the beatitudes, joys, and happiness of the One who delivered her to the light.
All these little flames that you see in the endless sea of my Will are the symbol of the secret beatitudes, joys, and happiness that It contains.(…)

My daughter,
each Manifestation that I make to you about my Will is a Beatitude
– released from the womb of the Divinity,
which not only makes you happy and disposes you more to live in my Will,
but prepares you for more new Knowledge.

And not only this, but all of Heaven remains inundated
by that new Beatitude which has come out of Our womb
Oh! How grateful they are to you, and how they pray that I continue the manifestations of my Will !

“All Heaven remains  inundated with a new Beatitude” – BOH 18 

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