1 nov 2021 – Feast of all Saints – “All Heaven remains inundated with a new Beatitude”

Jesus says to Luisa:

“It is right that the little newborn of my Supreme Volition takes part in the beatitudes, joys, and happiness of the One who delivered her to the light.
All these little flames that you see in the endless sea of my Will are the symbol of the secret beatitudes, joys, and happiness that It contains.(…)

My daughter,
each Manifestation that I make to you about my Will is a Beatitude
– released from the womb of the Divinity,
which not only makes you happy and disposes you more to live in my Will,
but prepares you for more new Knowledge.

And not only this, but all of Heaven remains inundated
by that new Beatitude which has come out of Our womb
Oh! How grateful they are to you, and how they pray that I continue the manifestations of my Will !

“All Heaven remains  inundated with a new Beatitude” – BOH 18 

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