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The Hours of the Passion of the lord english
The Book of Heaven… : site
The Book of Heaven….:  site

Video1 : Prayer to disarm the divin Justice-1
Video2Prayer to disarm the divin Justice-2
Video3The “our Father” – part1
Video4The “Our Father”- part 2
Video5Justice and Mercy
Video6prayer in the divine Will
Video7Jesus goes around to embrace
Video8the world wants to cast me away
Video10its enough to want it
Video11 : difference between divine Will and Love
Video12 : Firmness
Video13purity of intention
Video14 : defects, cannot enter into the Divine Will
Video15the soul in the divine will assumes all pains and joys
Video16false sanctity
Video17God made man free
Video18True sanctity
Video19The Tears of Jesus
Video20The Desolation of our Mother Mary -1
Video21The Desolation of our Mother Mary -2

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