30th of sept 2021 – I will call the dead back to Life

“My son, my daughter,

My public Life symbolizes so much
the triumph of the Kingdom of my Fiat among creatures

With surprising Truths, I will make it known.
To achieve this, I will do miracles, prodigies.

With the Power of my Will,
– I will call the dead back to life.
– I will repeat the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus.

In spite of the fact
– that they have decomposed into evil
– that they have become a malodorous body like Lazarus,
my Fiat will call them back to Life.
It will stop the stench of sin, It will resurrect them in the Good.

In short, I will use all my divine Strategies
– so that my Will reigns among the people.”(…)

“I will call the dead back to Life.” – BOH 34 –

29 sept 2021 – Feast of the Archangels – The Angels were rising to and descending from Heaven

“My daughter, my son,

in the course of my mortal life,
thousands and thousands of Angels were the cortege
of my Humanity, 
gathering everything I did
– my Steps, my Works, my Words, and even my Sighs, my Pains,
– the drops of my Blood, in sum, everything.

They were the Angels
–  in charge of my custody, and of paying Me honor.
– obedient to my every Wish,
they were rising  to and descending from Heaven,
– to bring to the Father what I was doing.

Now these Angels have a special office.
And as the soul remembers my Life, my Passion, my Blood,
my Wounds, my Prayers, they come around this soul .
And they gather  her words, her prayers,
her acts of compassion for Me, her tears and her offerings.
They unite them to Mine. (…)

“The Angels were rising to and descending from Heaven.”
– BOH 11 – October 13, 1916                  

28th of sept 2021 – love will defend her in everything and keep her safe.

“My daughter, my son,

to one who truly loves Me.
Love is more than a majestic, imposing sun for her.

If people look at her from afar, the light of love descends mildly into their eyes, and therefore they can plot, lay snares, speak ill of her.

But as they try to approach her, to fix on her, the light of Love will flash into their eyes, and they will end up moving away and no longer thinking about it.

And the loving soul will continue her course
– without even thinking about whether they are looking at her or not.

Because she knows that Love
will defend her in everything and will keep her safe.”

“love will defend her in everything and keep her safe.”
– BOH 11

27th of sept 2021 – Our Justice remained disarmed before this invincible Queen of Love

“My daughter, my son,

What can’t my Will do?  All possible and imaginable goods,
And in the creature where He reigns He gives such power.

And He says :
“‘do that which you want, command, take, give
 will never deny you anything, your strength is irresistible,
your power weakens me.”  (…)

This Holy Creature even from her conception,  felt the palpation
of my Fiat in hers. And in every heartbeat she loved Me.
And the Divinity re-loved her with duplicate Love in her every heartbeat.
And in that which she did, and in everything,  she loved Us, for herself
and for everyone.
And We loved her always, always, in every instant

(…)  she arranged to cover all sins and creatures themselves with our Love.
Our Justice remained disarmed by this invincible Queen of Love.”…)

“Our Justice remained disarmed before this invincible Queen of Love”
– BOH 34

26th of sept 2021 – The true Life of God began in the creature

“My son, my daughter,

It was the uncreated Will
– that had the place of honor in the created will(…)

So that with the Conception of this Great Queen
– the true Life of God began in the creature, and
– the Life of the creature  in God
and the exchanges of Love, of Fortitude, of Beauty, of Light,
– between the one and the other.

Therefore the Prodigies were continuous, and never heard of,
Heavens and earth were stupefied.
The Angels remained enraptured,
before my working Divine Will in the creature.”(…) 

She formed the door in Heaven
in order to make the Eternal Word descend (…)
She formed the door and the way
–  in order to make souls climb in the Celestial Country.”(…)

“The true Life of God began in the creature” – BOH 34

25th of sept 2021 – The Virgin Mary loved Us and everyone

“My son, my daughter,

Her strength was so much that she reigned over everyone,
even over her Creator.  She was invincible.
With the Force of the Divine Fiat
– she conquered everyone and everything.
Rather everyone let themselves be conquered
by this Divine Empress.

Because she held a powerful and enrapturing strength,
that no one could withstand her.
The demons themselves felt weakened.
And didn’t know where to hide from this insuperable strength.

All the Supreme Being flowed in this created will
–  that had been subdued by the Divine Will,
And the infinite Love poured itself into the finite love
And everyone and everything felt loved by this Holy creature.”(…)

“The Virgin Mary loved Us and everyone.” – BOH 34

24 sept 2021 – In Redemption, Jesus covered us with Beauty.

“My son, my daughter,

With my Wounds I covered their deformities,
–  rendering them more beautiful than before.

And if, in creating them, I made them like clearest and noble heavens,
in Redemption I adorned them,
– studding them with the most refulgent stars of my Wounds
so as to cover their ugliness and make them more beautiful.

To their wounds and deformities
I attached the diamonds, the pearls, the jewels of my Pains
– in order to hide all their evils and clothe them with such magnificence
as to surpass their state of origin.

Therefore, it is with reason that the Church says, ‘Fortunate fall’.
Because with sin came Redemption. And my Humanity
not only nourished them with Its Blood,
but clothed them with Its own Person, and adorned them with Its own Beauty.”(…)

“ In Redemption, Jesus covered us with Beauty.” – BOH 14

23th of sept 2021 – Effects of the Word and of the Gaze of Jesus.

“My son, my daughter,

(…)Each word is one more union, one more closeness,
and as the soul feels looked upon, Grace begins its crafting.

If the gaze or word was sweet and benign,  she says:
‘How beautiful, penetrating, gentle, melodious it was!
How not to love Him?’

If then it was a majestic Gaze or Word, blazing with Light,

she says:
What Majesty, what Greatness, what penetrating Light!
How small I feel! How miserable I am!
How much darkness in me before that light so blazing!’

If I wanted to tell you of the Power, the Grace,
the Good which my Word or Gaze brings,
how many books would I make you write.”

“Effects of the Word and of the Gaze of Jesus.” – BOH 14

22 sept 2021 – To live in my Will is to reign.

“My daughter, my son,
they do not want to understand.

To live in my Will is to reign.
To do my Will is to be submitted to my orders.
The first state is to possess.
The second is to receive my orders and execute them.

To live in my Will
– is to make my Will one’s own, as one’s own thing,
– it is to dispose of It.
To do my Will
is to hold It  as Will of God,
– not as one’s own thing,
– nor can one dispose of It as one wants.

To live in my Will is to live with one single Will
– that of God
And since
– It is a Will all holy, all pure, all peace, and
– it is one single Will that reigns,
there are no contrasts – everything is peace.”(…)

“to live in my Will is to reign” – BOH 17

21 sept 2021 – It is natural that the little light receives the reflections of my Light

My son, my daughter,

“See then, what great evil sin is:  it is for man
– to lose his round around His Creator,  to annul the purpose of his creation,
– to be transformed from light into darkness, from beautiful into ugly.

It is such a great evil, that with all my Redemption I could not restore in him the eyes to be able to see my Divinity in his mortal flesh, but only when this flesh, undone and pulverized by death, would rise again on the day of judgment. (…)

Now, because of original sin, man lost his round around His Creator
And therefore he lost order, dominion of himself, light.  (…)

But do you know who is it that never stops in her round?
The soul who does my Will and lives in It. She always runs, she never stops.

And she receives  all the reflections of my Humanity,
– and  also the flashes of light of my Divinity.”

“it is natural that the little light receives the reflections of my Light”
– BOH 16

20th of sept 2021 – Jesus wants His Will to be done, to be able to give of his Own.

“My daughter, my son,

my love, my supreme goodness, is so great,
that every time the creature does my Will and operates
because I want it, I give her of my own.

And in order to always give her of my own, I want her to do my Will

As for my Glory, then, it is my same glory that I receive through
the works of the creature who does my Will.

It is a glory which descends from Heaven and rises again straight
to the foot of my Throne,
multiplied by the Divine Will exercised by the creature.

When the creature operates to do my Will,  by giving her of my Own,
together with that work
I place my Sanctity, my Power and Wisdom, the Beauty of my Works,
an incalculable and infinite Value.” (…)

“Jesus wants to give of his Own. – BOH 16

19 sept 2021 – The beauty of littleness

My son, my daughter,

“badness cannot enter the true little ones.
Do you know when evil, when growth begins to enter?
When one’s own will begins to enter.

As it enters, the creature begins to fill herself and to live of herself
The All goes out of the littleness of the creature, and it seems to her
that her littleness becomes greater – but, greatness to be cried over.

Since God does not live completely in her,
– she moves away from her beginning,
– she dishonors her origin,
– she  loses the light, the beauty, the sanctity, the freshness of her Creator.

She seems to grow before herself and maybe before men
But before Me – oh, how she decreases!
She may even become great, but she will never be my beloved little one “(…)

“The beauty of littleness” – BOH 16

18 th of sept 2021 – The great miracle of making man return at his Origin

My son, my daughter,

“In fact, my Words  on the sanctity and power of my Fiat
will resurrect the souls to their origin.

They will heal them from leprosy produced by the human will.
They will give them the sight to be able to see the goods of the Kingdom
of my Will, –  because until now they have been like blind.
They will give a speech to many mute who, while they were able to say many other things,  – only for my Will they were like many mute without speech.

And then,  the great miracle of being able to give to each creature
a Divine Will
which contains all goods.

What will My Will not give them when It will be in possession
of the children of Its Kingdom? “(…)

“The great miracle of making man return at his Origin” – BOH 20

17th of september 2021 – To participate in the sorrows of our Queen Mama

My son, my daughter,

“Everyone can share in the merits and in the goods
produced by the sorrows of my Mother.

1. One who, in advance,
– places herself in the hands of Providence,
– offering herself to suffer any kind of pains, miseries, illnesses, calumnies, and everything which the Lord will dispose upon her, comes to participate in the first sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon.

2. One who actually finds herself amid sufferings, and is resigned,
– clings more tightly to Me and does not offend Me,
it is as if she were saving Me from the hands of Herod,
– keeping Me safe and sound within the Egypt of her heart.
And she participates in the second sorrow.

3. One who feels downhearted, dry and deprived of my Presence,
and remains yet firm and faithful to her usual practices….
– comes to participate in the merits and goods
which my Mother acquired when I was lost. ”
“To participate in the sorrows of our Queen Mama” – BOH 6

16th of september 2021 -The only relief that cheers Jesus is Love

The Blessed Virgin added:

“My daughter, (my son )

try to make up for everything by means of Love.
May you cherish
– one thing alone: to love,
– one thought alone, one word alone, one life alone: Love.

If you want to content and please Jesus,
–  love Him, and
–  give Him always the occasion to speak of Love.

This is the only relief that cheers Him:  Love.
Tell Him to speak to you of Love, and He will put Himself in feast.” (…)

“The only relief that cheers Jesus is Love” – BOH 10

15th september 2021 – My Mama is the Queen of Sorrows

“My son,  my daughter,

It were not the sorrows  that constituted my Mama as Queen
and that made Her shine with so much glory.
But it was my omnipotent Fiat,
which was braided to Her every act and sorrow,
 and constituted Itself life of each of Her sorrows.

So, my Fiat was the first Act that formed the sword,
–  giving Her the intensity of pain It wanted.

My Fiat could place all the sorrows It wanted in that pierced Heart,
adding piercings upon piercings, pains upon pains,
– without a shadow of the slightest resistance.

On the contrary, She felt honored that my Fiat
would constitute Itself  life of even a heartbeat of Hers.
And my Fiat gave Her complete glory and constituted Her
true and legitimate Queen.” (…)

“My Mama is the Queen of Sorrows” – BOH 15

14th of september 2021 – The Glorious Cross – Jesus was nailed on the Cross in the Will of the Father

“My daughter, my son,

– not only my hands and feet were nailed to the cross,
– but all the particles of my Humanity, Soul, and Divinity
were all nailed in the Will of the Father.

In fact, the crucifixion was the Will of the Father.
Therefore I was nailed and transmuted completely in His Will.
This was necessary because what is sin but withdrawing
– from the Will of God,
– from everything that is good and holy which God has given us,
believing to be something of one’s own, and offending the Creator?

And I, in order to repair for this audacity and for this self-idol
which  the creature makes of herself,
I wanted to dissolve my will completely
and live from the Will of the Father  at the cost of great sacrifice.”

“Jesus wanted to  live from the Will of the Father” – BOH 7

13th of september 2021 – “My Truths are full of Life”


“My daughter, my son,

my Words are full of Truths and of Light.
And they carry with them the substance and the virtue
of transforming the soul
– into truth itself, into light itself, and
– into the very good which they contain,

in such a way that the soul does not only know the Truth,
but she feels within her the substance of operating
– according to the Truth which she has known.

Further, my Truths are full of Beauty and Attraction,
in such a way that the soul, taken by their Beauty,
lets herself be enraptured by them.
In Me, everything is order, harmony, and beauty. (…)

The Truths that your Jesus tells you,
are full of Life and of all that my Truths contain. “


“my Truths are full of Life” – BOH 14

12 sept 2021 – “as he rebelled against my Will, so was hell created in him”

“My daughter, my son,

why do you fear?  Don’t you know that the thing which the infernal serpent knows the least about Me is my Will?

In fact, he did not want to do It.
And by not doing It,  he did not know It,  nor love It. (…)

And if he does not know them, how can he speak of them?  Even more,
the thing that he abhors the most is that the creature does my Will. 

He does not care about whether the soul  prays, goes  to Confession,
–  receives Communion,   does penance or performs miracles

But the thing that harms him the most is that the soul does my Will.
In fact, as he rebelled against my Will, so was hell created in him
– his unhappy state, the rage that consumes him. ” (…)

“as he rebelled against my Will, so was hell created in him” – BOH 16

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