24 sept 2021 – In Redemption, Jesus covered us with Beauty.

“My son, my daughter,

With my Wounds I covered their deformities,
–  rendering them more beautiful than before.

And if, in creating them, I made them like clearest and noble heavens,
in Redemption I adorned them,
– studding them with the most refulgent stars of my Wounds
so as to cover their ugliness and make them more beautiful.

To their wounds and deformities
I attached the diamonds, the pearls, the jewels of my Pains
– in order to hide all their evils and clothe them with such magnificence
as to surpass their state of origin.

Therefore, it is with reason that the Church says, ‘Fortunate fall’.
Because with sin came Redemption. And my Humanity
not only nourished them with Its Blood,
but clothed them with Its own Person, and adorned them with Its own Beauty.”(…)

“ In Redemption, Jesus covered us with Beauty.” – BOH 14

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