Book of Heaven – Texts + video

  • Volume 9 :  Jesus wants love, truth and rectitude from souls. A soul perfectly united to the Divine Will makes Mercy win over Justice.  Text  – Video
  • Volume 12 : In the era of the living in the Divine Will, the souls will complete the glory of God on the part of Creation.  Text  – Video
  • Volume 10 :  When Love does not obtain the intent with good manners, It tries to obtain it with with huffs,… and even with holy naughtiness. Text  – Video
  • Volume 10 : While the world wants to cast Jesus away from the face of the earth, He is preparing an Era of Love.  Text  – Video
  • Volume 8 :  No aridity, temptation, defect can enter the divin Will- TextVideo
  • Volume 2 : The purity of intention . Text  – Video

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VideosVideo 9


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