14 July 2021- The Seed of the Eternal Fecundity of the Father

My Son, my daughter,

(…) The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its Own
to this Divine Virgin,
so that She might conceive Me, the Son of God.

My Holy Mama could never have conceived Me
without having a seed.
Now, since She belonged to the human race,
– this Seed of eternal Fecundity gave Her the virtue
of conceiving Me as Man.
And because the Seed was Divine,
– at the same time She conceived Me as God. (…)

” The Seed of the Eternal Fecundity of the Father”- BOH 15

12 July 2021- Thank You Holy and Supreme Volition, in the name of all.

My son, my daughter,

it is true that my Will is everywhere.
But the shade of the human will does not allow the soul
– to feel the vividness of the light, the heat, and all the good It contains.

On the other hand, by wanting to enter into my Will,
the soul lays down her own
and removes the shade of her volition.
And my Will makes Its vivid light shine, It invests her,
It transforms her into light itself.

And the soul, plunged into my Eternal Volition
, says to Me:
‘Thank You, O Holy Supreme Volition,
for your light and for all the goods You produce
by filling Heaven and earth with your Eternal Will.
For all, I want to give You the return of the good You do.’

And I feel such honor, glory and satisfaction, that no other equals it.

“Thank You Holy and Supreme Volition, in the name of all.”- BOH 15

11 July 2021- This celestial Food will make the Church rise again to full Glory.

My son, my daughter,

these Writings will be for my Church
like a new sun which will rise in Her midst.

And drawn by its blazing Light, creatures will apply themselves in order
– to be transformed into this Light and
– to become spiritualized and divinized,
in such a way that, as the Church will be renewed,
they will transform the face of the earth.

The doctrine on my Will is the purest, the most beautiful,
–  not subject to any shadow of the material or of interest,
– both in the supernatural and in the natural order. (…)

They will find not a word which is not Truth.
At the most, they will not be able to comprehend it fully. (…)

” This celestial Food will make the Church rise again to full Glory.”- BOH16

10th of July 2021 – The Divine Will is hell for the devil

My daughter,  my son,

don’t you know that the thing which the infernal serpent
knows the least about Me is my Will? (…)

And if he does not know them, how can he speak of them?
Even more, the thing that he abhors the most is
that the creature does my Will. 

He does not care about whether the soul
–  prays, –  goes to Confession, –  receives Communion,
–  does penance or  – performs miracles

But the thing that harms him the most is that the soul does my Will.
In fact, as he rebelled against my Will, so was hell created in him
– his unhappy state, the rage that consumes him.
So, my Will is hell for him. (…)  And the more my Will is known,
the more tormented and furious he becomes. (…)

“The Divine Will is hell for the devil”- BOH16

9 July 2021- The human will must be emptied of all that is human.

“My daughter, my son,

so that my Will may descend upon earth,
–  it is necessary that your will rise up to Heaven.

And so that it may rise up to Heaven and live in the Celestial Fatherland,
– it is necessary to empty it
of all that is human, that is not holy, pure and upright.

Nothing enters into Heaven to live communal life with Us,
–  if it not completely divinized and transformed completely into Ourselves.

Nor can my Divine Will descend upon earth and carry out Its Life
as within Its own center,
– if It does not find the human will emptied of everything,
so as to fill it with all the goods which my Will contains. (…)”

” The human will must be emptied of all that is human”-BOH 16

8 July 2021 – The greatest gift I want to give to creatures

My son, my daughter,

This living in my Will is the greatest gift I want to give to creatures.
My goodness wants to make ever greater display of Love toward creatures.

And since I have given them everything,
and I have nothing else to give to make Myself loved,

I want to give them the Gift of my Will, so that,
–  by possessing It, they may love the great Good they possess.

And do not be surprised if you see that they do not understand.
In order to understand, they would have to dispose themselves
to the greatest of sacrifices:
that of not giving life, even in holy things, to their own will.  (…)

” The greatest gift I want to give to creatures”-BOH17

7 July 2021 – Live with the Will of God, live as a son.

My son, my daughter,

To live in my Will 
– is to make my Will one’s own, as one’s own thing,
– it is to dispose of It.
To do my Will is to hold It  as Will of God,
– not as one’s own thing,
–  nor can one dispose of It as one wants.

To live in my Will is to live with one single Will – that of God.
And since
– It is a Will all holy, all pure, all peace, and
– it is one single Will that reigns,
there are no contrasts – everything is peace.

The first step of living in the Divine Will – what does it do?
It lays the divine order in the depth of the soul,  emptying her
– of what is human
– of tendencies, of passions, of inclinations and the like.(…)

“Live with the Will of God, live as a son.”- BOH 17

6 July 2021 – “The Virgin Mary- Mother and Bearer of my Life to all”

My daughter, my son,

there is the example of my Mama – true sanctity of the living in my Will.
Her interior was all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition.

Having to be  the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints,
the Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods,
She remained as though hidden within all,
bringing good without making Herself recognized.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will,
that Her whole interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition. (…)

She was all intent on that Eternal Will which, with great Love and violence,
She charmed and enraptured in order to transport It from Heaven to earth.

“The Virgin Mary – Mother and Bearer of my Life to all”-BOH16

30 June 2021 – I want you to live in my Will


“The newborn of my Will – you were born in my Will
In It do I want you to live.
Fly – fly in the Eternal Volition, fulfill your office.

See what needs to be done between the Divinity and the creatures.
Go around through all generations, but always in my Will,
otherwise you will not find them all.

And loving, operating, repairing, adoring for all,
you will bring yourself before the Supreme Majesty
– to give to It all the love and the homages of all and of each one,
as a true  child of Our Will.” (…) 

” I want you to live in my Will “- BOH16

29 June 2021 – We have to do everything to please Jesus


“My beloved, if you love Me,
I do not want you to look
– either inside or outside of yourself,
– at whether you are warm or cold,
– at whether you do much or little, or
– at whether you suffer or enjoy.
All this must be destroyed in you.

You must have your eyes fixed
only on whether you do
as much as you can for Me, and
– everything to please Me.” (…)

Do everything to please Jesus – BOH 6

28 June 2021- To take praises and scorns of creatures into no account.

” My son,  my daughter,

When a heart is full of the knowledge of self,
the praises of men are like sea waves that rise and overflow,
– but never go out of their boundary.

In the same way, human praises
– yell and shout,
– they clamor,
– they get close even to the heart.

But in finding it full and well surrounded
– by the strong walls of the knowledge of self,
they are unable to find a place for themselves.
And they drawback, causing no damage to the soul.

So, this is what you must be careful about:
taking the praises and scorns of creatures into no account.”

To take praises and scorns into no account. – BOH 2

26 June 2021 – The Miracle of living in my Will

My daughter, my son,

I knew that many graces were needed,  since I was to operate
the greatest Miracle that exists in the world
that is, the continuous living in my Will:

The soul must absorb the whole of a God into her act,
– to give Him back again as whole as she absorbed Him.
And then absorb Him once again. (…)

To make the Miracle of the living in my Will happen,
I have to bend  a reason, a human will,
a desire, a love which is purely free.
How much does this not take? (…)

But having to sacrifice more
– in order to let the Miracle that my Will may have life in them occur
very few are those who dispose themselves.”

The Miracle of living in my Will – BOH13

20 June 2021 -The soul without my Will is disordered.

My son, my daughter,

Just as I gave to man a heaven for the good of his nature,
to his soul , which is more noble, I gave the Heaven of my Will.

Because the soul too contains precipices, heights and crags,
which are :  passions,  virtues, tendencies, and other things.

Now, if the soul moves out from under the Heaven of my Will,
– she will do nothing but fall from sin to sin,
– passions will drown her, and
– the heights of virtues will turn into abysses.

Just as everything would be disordered and infertile
on the earth without a heaven,

the same for the soul without my Will.”

The soul without my Will is disordered.- BOH11

18 June 2021 – “We will be two hearts palpitating together”

My daughter,  my son,

do you know where I find my true requital?
In the soul who lives in my Will

As I descend into her heart, immediately
I consume the accidents of the Host.
Because I know that more noble accidents,
more dear to Me, are ready to imprison Me,
– so as not to let Me go out of that heart,
which will give Me, not only  life  within itself
–  but life for Life

I will not be alone, but with my most faithful company.
We will be two hearts palpitating together.

So,  I remain in her. And there I live Life,  alive and real,
just as I do in the Most Holy Sacrament. (…)

“We will be  two hearts palpitating together- BOH16

17 June 2021 – To pray in the divine Will.

My son,  my daughter,

United with Me, in my Will,
take and bring
– the thoughts of all before the Divine Majesty within your thoughts,
– the gazes of all in your eyes,
– in your words, movements, affections and desires, those of your brothers,
in order to repair for them and impetrate for them Light, Grace and Love.

In my Will
–   you will find yourself in Me and in all,
–  you will live my Life,
–  you will pray with Me.

The Divine Father will be happy. 

The whole of Heaven will say: ‘Who is calling us from the earth?
Who is it that wants to compress this Holy Will within herself,
enclosing all of us together?’

To pray in the divine Will- BOH11