6 July 2021 – “The Virgin Mary- Mother and Bearer of my Life to all”

My daughter, my son,

there is the example of my Mama – true sanctity of the living in my Will.
Her interior was all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition.

Having to be  the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints,
the Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods,
She remained as though hidden within all,
bringing good without making Herself recognized.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will,
that Her whole interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition. (…)

She was all intent on that Eternal Will which, with great Love and violence,
She charmed and enraptured in order to transport It from Heaven to earth.

“The Virgin Mary – Mother and Bearer of my Life to all”-BOH16

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