7 July 2021 – Live with the Will of God, live as a son.

My son, my daughter,

To live in my Will 
– is to make my Will one’s own, as one’s own thing,
– it is to dispose of It.
To do my Will is to hold It  as Will of God,
– not as one’s own thing,
–  nor can one dispose of It as one wants.

To live in my Will is to live with one single Will – that of God.
And since
– It is a Will all holy, all pure, all peace, and
– it is one single Will that reigns,
there are no contrasts – everything is peace.

The first step of living in the Divine Will – what does it do?
It lays the divine order in the depth of the soul,  emptying her
– of what is human
– of tendencies, of passions, of inclinations and the like.(…)

“Live with the Will of God, live as a son.”- BOH 17

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