12 July 2021- Thank You Holy and Supreme Volition, in the name of all.

My son, my daughter,

it is true that my Will is everywhere.
But the shade of the human will does not allow the soul
– to feel the vividness of the light, the heat, and all the good It contains.

On the other hand, by wanting to enter into my Will,
the soul lays down her own
and removes the shade of her volition.
And my Will makes Its vivid light shine, It invests her,
It transforms her into light itself.

And the soul, plunged into my Eternal Volition
, says to Me:
‘Thank You, O Holy Supreme Volition,
for your light and for all the goods You produce
by filling Heaven and earth with your Eternal Will.
For all, I want to give You the return of the good You do.’

And I feel such honor, glory and satisfaction, that no other equals it.

“Thank You Holy and Supreme Volition, in the name of all.”- BOH 15

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