20th of sept 2021 – Jesus wants His Will to be done, to be able to give of his Own.

“My daughter, my son,

my love, my supreme goodness, is so great,
that every time the creature does my Will and operates
because I want it, I give her of my own.

And in order to always give her of my own, I want her to do my Will

As for my Glory, then, it is my same glory that I receive through
the works of the creature who does my Will.

It is a glory which descends from Heaven and rises again straight
to the foot of my Throne,
multiplied by the Divine Will exercised by the creature.

When the creature operates to do my Will,  by giving her of my Own,
together with that work
I place my Sanctity, my Power and Wisdom, the Beauty of my Works,
an incalculable and infinite Value.” (…)

“Jesus wants to give of his Own. – BOH 16