29 sept 2021 – Feast of the Archangels – The Angels were rising to and descending from Heaven

“My daughter, my son,

in the course of my mortal life,
thousands and thousands of Angels were the cortege
of my Humanity, 
gathering everything I did
– my Steps, my Works, my Words, and even my Sighs, my Pains,
– the drops of my Blood, in sum, everything.

They were the Angels
–  in charge of my custody, and of paying Me honor.
– obedient to my every Wish,
they were rising  to and descending from Heaven,
– to bring to the Father what I was doing.

Now these Angels have a special office.
And as the soul remembers my Life, my Passion, my Blood,
my Wounds, my Prayers, they come around this soul .
And they gather  her words, her prayers,
her acts of compassion for Me, her tears and her offerings.
They unite them to Mine. (…)

“The Angels were rising to and descending from Heaven.”
– BOH 11 – October 13, 1916