13 nov 2021 – The human will is a shadow to the Faith

My daughter, my son,

the human will is now a shadow to the Faith.
Passions are clouds that obscure the clear light of It.

And it happens as to the Sun when thick clouds form in the lower air(…)
But if an impetuous wind dispelled the clouds, who would dare to say that the Sun does not exist, as they would touch Its radiant light with their own hands?
Such is the condition in which Faith finds Itself because my Will does not reign.

(…) But when my Divine Fiat reigns, Its light will make them touch the existence of their Creator with their own hands. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary for others to say it. The shadows and the clouds will exist no more.”

When my Divine Fiat reigns, the shadows  will exist no more.” – BOH 24

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