12 nov 2021 – “Adore My Will and that which I have disposed for you”

“My  daughter, my Son,

how beautiful it is to see the creature grow under the wings of the Light of my Will. Enveloped in this Light she doesn’t see, doesn’t feel, doesn’t touch (anything) but her Mother‘s Light, that holds her enveloped.

And if creatures wound her, beat her, embitter her, she feels herself penetrated and squeezed more by his Arms of Light
And she responds with the smile of Light to whoever wants to embitter and wound and tease her with them, she confounds the human perfidy of them.

Oh! Power of my working Will, He slips away from all, triumphs over all, and with his Light forms his Throne of imperishable Glory in the soul that gives Him the liberty to work.

“Adore My Will ans that which I have disposed for you” – BOH 31

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