18 nov 2021 – Poor souls without the Divine Will

“My daughter, my son,

the human will wages war on God and war on herself. 
The weapons that she moves against her Creator wounds herself .
And her soul remains as a tattered body before God
Every act of human will divides her from her Creator, from his sanctity,
from his fortitude and power, from his Love and Immutability.

Poor souls without my Divine Will, because He alone holds the unitive Virtue that uniting everything together, the thought, the desire, the affection, the love, the human will, he gives the beautiful form united to the soul of the creature.

Thus my Will, they refused to acknowledged Him,
  while He is in the midst of them and in them.
And they form of their souls little cities thrown into confusion that
constrain Me to make Me repeat the threat
that there won’t remain stone upon stone for them. (…)

“Poor souls without the Divine Will ” – BOH 31

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