6 nov 2021 – I wait for your little refrain “I love You, I love You”

My daughter, my son,

Heaven and earth are full and swollen with my Love. (…)

It is in search of hearts in order to tell them his little word:
‘My child I love you, I love you so much,
– and do you tell me that you love Me?’

Do you see therefore what is your long sing-song of your ‘I love You’?
They are so many vents that you give to your Jesus,
– and they call Me to rest in your soul.

Therefore I want that you always tell me your ‘I love You’,
I want to see it in all the things that I have done for you,

Oh! Make Me content, love Me.  When I am not loved,
I feel unfortunate in my Love, and therefore I arrive in deliriums.
And when a compassionate heart is moved to pity Me, and she loves Me,
– I feel the misfortune change into happiness.” (…)

“I wait for your little  refrain “I love You, I love You” – BOH 11 

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