11 nov 2021 – “Souls come and relieve Me!”

Luisa writes:

You repeat for the third time:
Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me.
Holy Father, help Me! I need comfort!
It is true that because of the sins which weigh upon Me, I am nauseating, repugnant, the least among men, before your infinite Majesty.

Your Justice is angry with Me – but look at Me, O Father,
I am always your Son, who forms one single Unity with You.
Oh please, help – pity, O Father! Do not leave Me without comfort!”

Souls, souls, come, relieve Me! Take a place in my Humanity.
I want you, I long for you! O please, do not be deaf to my voices.”(…)

“Souls come and relieve Me!” – The Passion – Hour 7

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