2 nov 2021 – How many moans of sorrow coming from Purgatory.

My son, my daughter,

(…) Yet, my Will is there for all. But because they shun It,  they do not receive the Good which my Will contains – a just pain for one who wants to live of her own will, involving herself in all miseries.

However, this Will of Mine, which they did not want to encounter in life,
when It would give them as many Goods
– for as many times as they would encounter It,
they will encounter at their death,
– giving them as many pains for as many times as they shunned It.
Because in shunning It, they have rendered themselves guilty.
They have stained themselves and covered themselves with mud.

So it is just that they receive pain.  And as many painful encounters form for them,  for as many times as they have not encountered my Will upon earth.(…)

Oh! how many moans of sorrow come from the prisons of Purgatory,
how many shouts of desperation can be heard from hell,
because my Will was not encountered on earth.

“How many moans of sorrow coming from Purgatory.” – BOH 16 

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