17 november 2021- “My child, echo my Reparations”

Luisa writes:

“Jesus is at Pilate’s house. He shows Jesus to the people.
O patient Jesus,
it is with difficulty that you look at me through the thorns.

You say to me:
“My child, come into my arms, lean your head on my Chest.
You will perceive more intense and cruel sufferings.

For what you see outside my Humanity
is only the echo of my inner Sorrows.
Pay attention to the beating of my Heart.
You will understand that I am repairing (…)

By these thorns, I want to break their pride.
By the holes, they make in my Head,
– I want to create a Way into their intelligence,
to reorganize everything according to the Light of Truth.” (…)

“My child, echo my Reparations” – The Passion – Hour 17

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