4 oct 2021 – Our Queen Mama clothes Luisa with her Innocence

Jesus:  “Today I want to delight a little bit by reflecting Myself in you”

I kept repeating in my interior:
‘Oh! God, will I make You delight, or will I embitter You?’

In the meantime, our dear Queen Mama came to my help
Carrying a pure white garment in Her hands, and all-loving, She told me:

Daughter, do not fear.  I Myself want to make up for you
by clothing you with my Innocence, 
so that, in reflecting Himself in you,
my Son may find the greatest delight that can be found in a human creature.”

So She clothed me with that garment and She offered me
to my dear Good, Jesus, telling Him:
“Accept her out of regard for me, O dear Son, and delight in her.”

So every fear went away from me, and Jesus delighted in me, and I in Him.(…)

“Our Queen Mama clothes Luisa with her Innocence”
BOH 3 – Nov. 21, 1899 –

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