4 oct 2021 – A heart that loves for all

Jesus :: “How can grave things happen, with destructions and dying of people,
where there is a heart that loves for all?
At most, a few tremors might be felt, without considerable damage.”

Luisa :  On hearing ‘a heart that loves for all’, I felt as though I were being picked on. And I myself cannot tell how I came out saying:
What are you saying – a heart that loves for all?
Not only that loves for all, but that repairs for all, that suffers, that thanks,
that praises, that adores, that respects the holy law for all

Because I do not believe it is true love toward the Beloved,
– if one does not render Him the love and all the satisfaction
which the others were supposed to render Him,
–  in such a way that in that person,
He must find all the good and the contentment which He was to find in all.”

“A heart that loves for all” – BOH 7 –

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