31 oct 2021 – “Love God and your neighbor for love of Me”

My son, my daughter,

Charity is nothing but an outpouring of the Divine Being.
And this outpouring I have diffused over the whole Creation,
– in such a way that all Creation speaks of the love I have for man.
And all Creation teaches him how He must love Me
–  from the largest being to the most tiny little flower in the field.

With one voice they resound among themselves, and repeat to us:
“See, O man, our Creator made us for love of you,
– and we are all at your service.
And you, don’t be so ungrateful – love!
We beg you: love !  We repeat to you: love our Creator.”

After this, my lovable Jesus told me:
This is all I want: love God and your neighbor for love of Me.
See how much I have loved man – and he is so ungrateful.
How could you not want me to chastise them?”

“Love God and your neighbor for love of Me”” – BOH 2 

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