26 oct 2021 – The Goods of one single Word about the Divine Will

“My daughter, my son,

indeed my Will is immense . It contains the whole of Eternity.
If you knew the good which even
– one single word on my Will and
– one single act done in It by the creature contain,
you would be stunned.
In that act she takes Heaven and earth as though in her power.

My Will is life of everything and flows everywhere.
And together with my Will she flows
–  within each affection, in each heartbeat,
– in each thought and in all the rest that creatures do.  (…)

There is no good I do, nor any point of Eternity,
– in which she does not hold her little place.
Oh! how dear she is to Me, how I feel her inseparable from Me.

She is the true faithful one of my Will, she never leaves It alone. (…)

“My Will is life of everything and flows everywhere” – BOH 16 

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