25 oct 2021 – Jesus deposited the goods of Redemption in the Heart of his Mama

“My daughter, my son,

the whole law and the goods of Redemption were written by Me and deposited  in the Heart of my dear Mama.
She was the first one who lived in my Will
– and therefore drew Me from Heaven and conceived Me in Her womb.
It was right that,  She knew all the laws and was the depository
– of all the goods of Redemption.

And when, going out for my public life, I manifested it
– to the people, to the Apostles,
I did not add one coma – and not because I was incapable of it.
And the Apostles themselves, and the whole Church, have added
– nothing else  to what I said and did when I was upon earth.

The Church has added no other Gospel and instituted no additional Sacrament.
Rather, She always turns to all that I Myself did and said.  “(….)

“Jesus deposited the Goods of Redemption in his Mama” – BOH 16 

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