24 oct 2021 – The Divine Will is Light. The human will is darkness

“My daughter,  my son,

the human will has covered the whole atmosphere with clouds,
–  in such a way that thick darkness hangs over all creatures,
and almost all of them walk limping and groping.

And each human action they do without the connection of the Divine Will
–  intensifies this darkness and man becomes more blind.

Because the Light – the Sun for the human will is the Divine Will.
Without It, there is no light for the creature.

One who operates, prays, walks, … in my Will, rises above this darkness
And as she operates, prays, speaks, piercing these thick clouds,
she sends flashes of light over all the earth,
such as to shake those who live down below,  at the level of their wills,
– preparing the hearts to receive the Light of the Sun of the Divine Will.”

“Dispel this heaven of darkness over its head” – BOH 16 

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