22 oct 2021 – The holy Virgin Mary was a faithful copy of her Creator

“My daughter, my son,

the most perfect copy of the children of the Kingdom of my Will
was my Celestial Mama.
And because  It had Its first daughter in It, Redemption could come
Otherwise, had We not had the first daughter of Our Will,
I, the Eternal Word, would never have descended from Heaven.

In order to descend upon earth, I would never have made use of,
nor trusted,  children who were extraneous to Our Will.

So, you see, a daughter of Our Will was needed for the coming
of the Kingdom of Redemption
And because She was a daughter of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat,
She was the faithful copy of Her Creator
– and a perfect copy of all Creation.
She was to enclose all the Acts
– that the Supreme Will exercises in all created things.”(…)

“The holy Virgin Mary was a faithful copy of her Creator” – BOH 20 

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