21 oct 2021 – “Your soul should maintain the flight of an eagle”

“My son, my daughter,

your soul must try to maintain the flight of an eagle
– that is, to dwell up high, above all the low things of this earth.
– and so high that no enemy may harm it.
In fact, one who lives up high can harm the enemies,
but cannot be harmed.

And she must not only live up high,  but she must try to have
a purity and sharpness of eye, –  similar to those of an eagle.

Though living up high, though the sharpness of her sight,
 she penetrates the divine things – not in passing,
but by chewing them to the point of making them her favorite food,
– despising any other thing.

And she also penetrates the necessities of her neighbor,
– nor is she afraid to descend into their midst and do good to them
And if needed, she lays down her life.” (…)

“Your soul should maintain the flight of an eagle” – BOH 6 

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