20 oct 2021 – In My Will human sufferings become Divine.

My daughter, my son,

In my Will ,  things, sufferings, change themselves
and from human they become Divine.
It is not the creature that suffers,   but I myself form them in Me.
 I create those sufferings  in Me,
–  in order to suffer them in my beloved creature.

My Life is repeating itself in her with the cortege of my Sufferings,
– and therefore I call them My Sufferings.

 And if you might know what I do with these sufferings!
I put them between the Heaven and the earth,
– as Glory and perennial Love to my Celestial Father,
– as  a defense and a refuge for creatures,
– as remorse to one who offends Me,
– as a cry of Love to one who doesn’t love me,
– as Light to one who doesn’t know me. (…)

And I can only do this Works  in one who lives in my Will.”

“In My Will human sufferings become Divine.” – BOH 35 

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