19 oct 2021 – The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will

“My son, my daughter,

Now that which I manifest on my Divine Will and that you write,
one can call the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Nothing opposes itself neither to the sacred Writings
nor to the Gospel that I announced being upon the earth.
Rather one can call one the support of the other.

And therefore I permit and call the Priests that come,
that read the Gospel all of Heaven of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat,
in order to say as I said to the Apostles:
preach it throughout the whole world. (…)

The so many surprising Truths, the Promises of the so many Goods
– that I must give to the children of the ‘Fiat Voluntas tua’-‘Your Will be done’,
will be  the Gospel, the base, the inexhaustible source
from which everyone will draw:  celestial Life,
– the terrestrial happiness, and – the restoration of their Creation.”(…)

“The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will” – BOH 23 

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