16 oct 2021 – My Mama and Me were inseparable.


“My daughter, my son,

there could not be separation between Me and my sweet Mama.
The separation was only apparent.

She and I were fused together. (…)
I felt my sweet Mama everywhere.
I felt Her in my breath. And if it was labored, She would relieve it.
I felt Her in my Heart. And if It was embittered, She would sweeten It.
I felt Her in my step; And if it was tired, She would give Me vigor and rest
And who can tell you how I felt Her in my Passion?

At each lash, at each thorn, at each wound, at each drop of my Blood.
I felt Her everywhere, carrying out the office of my true Mother.  ”

“My Mama and Me were inseparable..” – BOH 11 

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