13 oct 2021 – Jesus and Mary are always together

My daughter, my son,

 I am always with Jesus.

However at times I hide in Him.
And it seems that He does everything as if He might be without me.
Instead I am within Him. I am together with  Him.

Other times He is hidden in his Mama and He has things done by me.
He is always together with me.

Other times We reveal both of us together.
And the souls see, the Mother and the Son Who love them so much,
according  to the circumstances and  to the good they require.

And many times it is the Love that we cannot contain that makes Us
give into excesses toward them.

But be certain that if my Son is there, so am I.
And that if I am there, my Son is there too.

“Jesus and Mary are always together” – BOH 23 

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