9 oct 2021 – The Life and the Glory of Queen of Light

“My daughter, my son,

between Me and the Celestial Queen,
– one was the Will that animated us,  one was the Life. (…)

However between my Mama and Myself, there  was this difference:
She is the residence invested by the Light. It made her prey of it.
And the Sun of my Will gave her always Light. He nourished her with Light and raised her in the interminable Rays of the eternal Sun of my Fiat.

Instead my Humanity possessed in itself the sphere of the Divine Sun,
– its source that always rises without ever diminishing.

And the Sovereign Queen drew from Me the Light
–  that gave the Life and the Glory of “Queen of  Light”.

“The Life and the Glory of Queen of Light” – BOH 23 –

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