26 th of August 2021 – To watch over the storms which will arise.

“My daughter, my son,

one who lives in my Will lives on a high place.
And one who lives in a high place can look down below with more clarity.
She has to take part in the decisions, in the afflictions, and in everything which befits persons who live in a high place. Don’t you see this in the world?  (…)

One who lives in my Will, living in a high place,  must
– bear the pains of those who live down below,
– see their dangers,  help them,
– take such serious decisions as to make one tremble,
while they remain tranquil.

Therefore, calm yourself.  We will have a communal life in my Will,
And together with Me, you will take part in the sufferings of the human family.

You will watch over the great storms which will arise. And while they play
in the midst of danger,  you will cry with Me over their misfortune.”

“You will watch over the storms which will arise” –  BOH 12