5 Aug 2021 – To make everything rise to new life

“My daughter, my son,

these are divine ways – to die and to rise again continuously.

See, nature itself is subject to these deaths and to these risings:
the flower is born and dies – but to rise again more beautiful.
While if it never died, it would grow old, it would lose the liveliness of its complexion, the fragrance of its scent .(…)

In the spiritual order
– the soul must be subject to these deaths and to these risings.

While it seems that  she
– has triumphed over everything and
– abounds in fervor, in graces, in union with Me, in virtues,
and that she has acquired as many new lives in everything,
I hide Myself and it seems that everything dies around her. ” (…)

“To make making everything rise to new life”- BOH 9