31 July 2021 – “that nothing dare enter but my Will alone”

“My son, my daughter,

God cannot trust a man without a test.
And man himself does not know what strength he possesses.

If Adam had passed the test, all human generations would have been confirmed in his state of happiness and of royalty.

In the same way, I Myself, loving these children of my Divine Will with a Love
all special, wanted to go through the test for all in my Humanity,
–  reserving for them the one test of never allowing them to do their will,
but only and always my Will,
so as to reconfirm for them all the goods needed
– in order to live in the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.

With this, I closed all exit doors for them.
I anointed them with an invincible strength, in such a way that nothing else will be able to enter the very high fences of my Kingdom.” (…)

“that nothing dare enter but my Will alone”- BOH 24

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