28 July 2021- I feel my acts being repeated by you.

“My daughter, my son,

when the soul lives in my Divine Will, she has everything in her power.
Because my Will is the depository and the preserver
of all that my Mama and all the Saints did. (…)

The Queen of Heaven feels Her love and  Her prayers being repeated,
the Saints their virtues,  by the creature on earth.
And oh, how they enjoy seeing their acts being repeated once again!

There is no greater glory that can be given to the celestial inhabitants
– than to repeat their love, their prayers, their virtues.
And I feel once again as if my Mama were there loving Me and praying Me.

If you knew how much I enjoy it when I hear you say:
“I want to unite myself with the thoughts of Jesus,  with His words, with His works and steps.  So  with His thoughts, words, etc., we will together
– be in  each thought, word, work and step of creatures. (…)

” I feel my acts being repeated by you- BOH 24

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