27 July 2021 – The Blood of Jesus defends the creatures before Divine Justice

Prayer in my Will is therefore necessary.
Covering all creatures, it will  defend them, and
prevent my Justice from approaching them to punish them.

I heard Jesus say“Father, I offer you my Blood.
Oh! let It cover the minds of creatures,  (…)
so that their minds may become holy.
 Let this Blood cover their eyes
– so that they  not be stained by earthly mud.
Let this Blood fill their mouths and make their lips
incapable to utter blasphemies(…)

Father, let this Blood cover their hands
so that evil deeds become unbearable for them!
May this Blood flow into our eternal Will to cover all
creatures and to defend them for the rights of our Justice.”

“The Blood of Jesus defends the creatures”- BOH 17

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