24 July 2021 – I remain always the offended God

“My son, my daughter

(…)  And their union means that they all have the same color.
The enemies are no longer afraid and horrified
to approach people from the Church, because
since the true fount of virtue and religion is not in them .

On the contrary, some of them celebrate the
Divine Sacrifice without believing in my existence
For others, if they believe at all, it is a faith without works
And their lives are a chain of enormous sacrileges.
So, what good can they do if they don’t have it within themselves?

Et Je reste toujours le Dieu offensé,
–  tant par les méchants qui feignent une teinte de piété pour
renforcer leur parti, et pouvoir ainsi faire un plus grand mal, que
par les gens de l’Église, qui ayant une fausse piété,
ne sont plus assez bons pour attirer le peuple à Me suivre (…)”

” I remain always the offended God”- BOH 15

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