20 July 2021 – Mother and Queen of the Divine Will

My son, my daughter,

Who would be the creature who would lend her flesh to her Creator?
We chose a creature. And, by virtue of the future Redeemer’s merits,
she was exempted from original sin.  Her will and Ours were one. (…)

Oh! how many tears she shed because of our sorrow and of the great
misery of man!  She did not want to concede any life to her will.
And therefore she remained small. (…)

Our Will made her all Beautiful, Holy, and Divine.
It enriched her so much that It made her the greatest of all.
She was a Prodigy of our Will, a prodigy of Grace, of Beauty, of Holiness.

Her most beautiful title was: “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will.”

” Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”- BOH 16

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