19 July 2021 -Pray, suffer and operate in my Will.

“My daughter, my son,

extend your arms together with Me, in my Will,
– to repair for many who extend their works in the human will, which
forms for them the net of all evils to hurl them into the eternal abyss.
– and  to prevent my Justice from pouring itself upon them
in order to vent  Its  just fury.

In fact, when the creature extends herself in my Will
to operate and to suffer,
my Justice feels touched by the creature with the Power of my Will.
And it ceases Its just rigors.

Therefore, my daughter, my son, pray, suffer, operate in my Will.
Because this alone can prevent,
that my Justice burst out with its devastating thunderbolts
in order to destroy the earth. (…)”

” Pray, suffer and operate in my Will.”- BOH 17

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