13 July 2021 – True reigning binds all and makes one loved by all.

My son, my daughter,

I (Jesus) answered to Pilate :

“(…) so,  riches are slaveries,
positions are swords
, by which many are killed or wounded.

True reigning is
– virtue,   to be stripped of everything,
– to sacrifice oneself for all,  to submit oneself to all.
This is true reigning, which binds all, and makes one loved by all.

Therefore, my Kingdom will have no end,
while yours is near to perishing.”

And, in my Will, I made these Words reach
the ear of all those who are in positions of authority,
– to let them know the great danger they are in, and
– to put on guard those who aspire to positions, to dignities, to command.”

” True reigning binds all”- BOH 15

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