31 may 2021 – 5th Glorious Mystery – The Crowning of Mary in Heaven

My child,
do you want to know who She is for whom the whole of Heaven
sings praise and remains enraptured?
I am She who never did Her own will.

The Divine Will abounded so much with Me as to extend
–  Heavens more beautiful, Suns more refulgent, seas of Beauty,
of Love, of Sanctity,  such that I could
– give Light to all, Love and Sanctity to all, and
– enclose everything and everyone within my Heaven.

It was the Work of the Divine Will operating in Me
that had accomplished such a great prodigy.

I was the only creature entering Heaven,
– who had done the Divine Will on earth as It is done in Heaven,
– and who had formed Its Kingdom in my soul.

The Crowning of Mary in Heaven-V.Mary – D31

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