29th of August 2021 – Our Queen Mama asks Jesus to spare the people


our Queen Mama, who was saying to Jesus:

“My Son, this soul will always be ready to do and to suffer
whatever We want,
and this is like a bond that binds Our Justice.
Therefore, spare so many slaughters and so much blood
which is to be shed by the people.” (…)

“See, my Son, We have a third party, the confessor, who wants
– to unite with Us and to offer his work by committing himself
to concur in order to make her suffer, to satisfy divine Justice.
This too, is like rendering the rope stronger,
which binds You in order to placate You.

Besides, when have You ever resisted the strength of the unions
– of one who suffers and prays, and
– one who concurs with You for the sole purpose of glorifying You
and for the good of the people.” (…)

“Our Queen Mama asks Jesus to spare the people”- BOH4