17th of August 2021 – I live with Him – his very Kingdom is mine

“My daughter, my son,

as soon as the soul enters my Volition and decides to live in It,
all doubts and fears depart from her.
It happens as to a daughter of a king, who, no matter how much people say that she is not the daughter of her father,  pays no attention.

On the contrary, she keeps on going, proud, saying to everyone:
‘It is useless for you to say the contrary, or to put doubts and fears in me.
I am the true daughter of the king – he is my father.
I live with him. Even more, his very kingdom is mine.’

Therefore, among the many goods which living in my Will brings,
It also brings the state of security. “(…)

My Kingdom is hers, as much as It is Mine.
And defending Our rights, she takes part in judging and condemning others.

Therefore, how can you want to go fishing for fears?”

“I live with Him – his very Kingdom is mine.”- BOH 12