14th of August 2021 – The Sovereign Queen ist the most beautiful.

“My daughter,  my son,

even if my Mother had not been my Mother,
only because
– She did the Divine Will perfectly and
–  She knew no other life, and
– she  lived in the fullness of It,
by virtue of Her continuous living in my Fiat,
– She would have possessed all the divine prerogatives,
She would still be Queen, the most beautiful of all creatures.

The Divin Fiat loves the creature so much that,
– making use of Its loving stratagems,
It hides, It makes Itself small within her,
– loving to be knocked out by her.

The sovereign Queen  reached the point
of making Me be conceived and of hiding Me in Her womb.(…)”

“The Sovereign Queen ist the most beautiful.”- BOH 27