10 Aug 2021 – Pact between Jesus and the soul

Jesus says to Luisa:

“And besides, don’t you want Me to always win?
The winning of your Jesus is your gain.
So, if you win, you lose. If you lose, you win.

However, be certain that I will do nothing without you.
This is why I placed in you my Will,
and, with It, in my Light, my Sanctity, my Love, my Strength.

So that, if you want my Light, my Sanctity, my Love, my Strength,
you may go in them and take the Light you want,
and the Sanctity, the Love, the Strength that you want to possess.

How beautiful it is to see you possess my dominions,
which makes Me doing nothing without you.

These pacts I can only make with one in whom
my Will dominates and reigns.”

“Pact between Jesus and the soul”- BOH 20

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