8 August 2021 -The Bread of my Sacramental Life

“My daughter, my son,

(…) I  said:  ‘Our Father, in the name of all,
I ask You for three kinds of bread every day:

The first one is the bread of your Will
, or rather, more than bread.
Because if bread is necessary two or three times a day,
this one is necessary at each moment and in all circumstances.

And my Sacramental Life is patiently waiting for man
– to take the bread of the Supreme Will,
in order to be able to give all the good of my Sacramental Life.

See then, how the Sacrament of the Eucharist,
– and not only that one,
but all the Sacraments left to my Church and instituted by Me
– will give all the fruits which they contain and complete fulfillment,
when Our bread, the Will of God, is done on earth as it is in Heaven.” (…)

“The Bread of my Sacramental Life”- BOH 15