26 July 2021- Feast of Joachim and Anna – The Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary

“My daughter, my son,

as this Holy Virgin was conceived, thus she restarted our feast with mankind.
Because even from the first instant of her conception she inherited our Divine Will, which immediately began his intense divine work in her beautiful soul

And in every heartbeat, thought, breath of hers, with his creative Power
He formed enchanting prodigies of Sanctity,  of Beauty, of Grace.
We ourselves, who were actors and spectators together with our Divine Volition, we remained enraptured. And in our excess of Love We said:

‘How beautiful is the creature together with our Volition!
She gives ease to Us by forming our most beautiful Works
And she gives us Life through our Life in her!’ (…)”

” The Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary”- BOH 35

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