23 July 2021 – To work on the own salvation and the salvation of the people

My son, my daughter,

As soon as the magi  were in the presence of the Child,
The little child
– took pleasure in making the rays of His Divinity shine outwardly,
– and  communicated Himself to them in three ways:
with Love, with Beauty, and with Power.

Thus, they remained delighted and absorbed in the presence
of the little Child Jesus, so much so that
if the Lord had not hidden the rays of his Divinity behind his Humanity
the Magi would have remained there, unable to move.

As soon as the Child withdrew his Divinity
– the holy Magi returned to themselves,
amazed to see such a great excess of Love.

The Queen Mother.  strongly asked them to work
– for their own salvation and
– and for the salvation of their people.
They should have no fear of exposing their lives to achieve this goal.(…)

” to work for the own salvation and the salvation of the people”- BOH 4

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