12 may 2021 – 3th Joyful Mystery – The Birth of Jesus

My daughter, my son,

(…) Your Mama felt She could no longer contain Him within Herself.
Seas of light and of love inundated Me.
And just as I conceived Him within a sea of light,
so within a sea of light He came out of my maternal womb.

Enraptured in this light, I awaited to embrace my little Jesus in my arms,
and as He came out of my womb, I heard His first loving wailings.

The Angel of the Lord placed Him in my arms
I pressed Him very tightly to my Heart.
I gave Him my first kiss, and little Jesus gave Me His.
(V.Mary day 21)

3th Joyful Mystery – The Birth of Jesus-V.Mary – D21- D22

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